Practical Emphasis

With regards to the training environment, the trend is going from a seminary training environment towards initial training in the church which allows for the necessary experiential learning required. This learning method is a form of on-the-job training.

This brings about a specific advantage: Instead of starting a smaller number of selected students in specialized training in a seminary, a larger percentage of students begin to study a more basic and general set of learning objectives. These objectives have a greater appeal to a wider student base. This also answers to the Great Commission task which the church wants to fulfil.

At the same time this has an advantage for the church in that it's group of new believers are established in the principles of discipleship training and the workers of the church are trained to support the pastor in his work.

In the beginning stages, students study topics or subjects that have a general application which adds to the portability of a great number of credits. Studies take place in the practical Church environment. This is where he or she will learn and sharpen the necessary skills for christian leadership, management duties, the lay ministry and pastoral duties.

The student will not learn through experiments in a laboratory or in a simulated situation but will rather gain experience from real life.