Starting a Tuition Centre

The Concise Prospectus consists of only the most important pages needed to make a study decision. This can be used as a hand-out to recruit new students. For Ministry or Church Life.

The example lecture is in colour and illustrates what the pdf version of the CLT lectures will look like.

Start a Tuition Centre at any time of the year!

To assist you in the working of a Tuition Centre, we have compiled a series of "Packs" for the Dean and Administrator to study and use. Each of the Packs listed has useful information in increasingly more advanced stages of running the Bible School.

The Starter and Information Pack may be sufficient to help make a decision for using the Calvary Academics material. The Guidance, Administration and Accreditation Packs are needed to start and run the Tuition Centre. The Reporting Pack is only needed at a final stage of an academic year.

These Packs are designed to assist the leaders of a local church to understand the basic workings of a Tuition Centre. They can teach courses to members which would otherwise be taught in an advanced Education course.