Tuition Centre Registration

A Tuition Centre registers after obtaining basic information and having made the decision to offer qualifications based on the CLT material and tuition method.

The registration will result in the issuing of a Tuition Centre Registration Certificate. The cost of Registration is currently free of any charges. We recommend that you buy some books to show prospective students what they are making a decision about.

The Bible School name must therefore already be determined. The words Calvary Life Tutors or Tuition Centre should be avoided. The use of the name of the church or the town with the word Bible School or Training Centre or Bible College usually works well. Apparently the Church name is mostly preferred. The word "Church" is then often replaced by one of these indicators. The Church may also change the name by phoning in the change. A temporary name could be the name of the town plus "Bible School". [see TC List for examples]

For the registration we need the following information:

  1. Pastor's name and qualification – at least a Diploma. (A Bible School may operate even if the pastor has no qualification. In such a case, he must study towards a qualification and a Dean must have a Diploma.)

  2. Name of the Quality Officer who has a B.Ed. or HDE (Afr: HOD) qualification. (This person is a must. A few hours per year is required to under-write the test marking process.) The Quality Officer does not mark the tests.

  3. Qualification upgrading plans for Pastor and lecturers. They usually study a B.Min.

  4. Facilities available such as lecture rooms, assembly hall, admin with computor, Internet, audio recording (optional). CLT will provide DVD's with library books in e- format, Bible Software and suggestions as to how to establish a Research Library (careful loan-library control is recommended). You may start up with 50 to a hundred books by asking church members to contribute and then add.

At the local church you mentor students for Christian Ministry and Church Management — These are short courses which lead to: Certificate and Diplomas in the field of Ministry.

Download 8 Packs to start a Centre today!

For students who want to go further CLT offers to prepare students for an e-learning University qualification: Bachelor of Ministry, Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry.

Calvary Life Tutors' first commitment is to our Tuition Centres. Distance studies are seldom successful and lack the ability to build character. Therefore the student has to enroll at a Bible School in order to be mentored through the course.

Disclaimer: Calvary Life Tutors in South Africa, does not offer any accredited programmes, only short courses that do not make up unit standards. These short courses formerly made up the content of those programmes that were accredited by SAQA from 2000 to July 2003. The reason for our withdrawal was that CHE policies have changed. Our Biblical mandate stems from the Great Commission. We also operate on the Standards of Accreditation as laid down by CQA which is an international learning quality guidance.