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Companion Websites have become the new way of facilitating on-line education. They provide the necessary interaction between the student and the textbook. Companion Websites add a host of activities, information and self-test opportunities to the excellent texts, and provide an ideal environment for quality Objective Directed Learning. At Calvary we have combined this with registration, assessment and learner interaction up to completion of their studies.

Foundational programmes for various professions:

Students study at Tuition Centres on a part-time basis. One Phase is completed in a year, earning 80 credits. The first year or two are foundational and all students follow the "Ministry" stream at that stage. Each Phase has an academic weight of 80 credits. Having completed Phase One they can continue to do short courses in Business Leadership or, after completing Phase 2, they can study in the Counselling or Education directions.

Study up to Phase 5 — for RPL towards a Bachelor in various fields

Phases 1 to 3 in each field provide a basis for further study on graduate level. A student may choose any of the six directions listed. Each Phase has an academic weight of 80 transfer value. Read our latest Newsletter about accreditation here.


Through CLT save 85%! — Use RPL Route

CLT does not offer accredited qualifications, but our learning is in the form of short courses which a student can offer for RPL towards an accredited qualification. Calvary University in South Africa is since October 6th 2015 in the process to be accredited. CU will then RPL the CLT short courses for a Bachelor qualification to students who are registered on the CAP.

Ministry Qualifications

All programmes start with the Phase 1 of Ministry. CLT aims its short courses specifically at members of Christian Churches. One requirement of students is that they make 3 disciples (mentor them for 2 or 3 years) and teach them to do the same. Our students also read some important Bible chapters and have group discussions. They each have a personal Tutor appointed to them. CLT offers a thoroughly Christian study programme.

Certificate in Christian Discipleship

Phase 1

Diploma in Leadership

Phase 2

Advanced Diploma in Ministry

Phase 3

Resources for CLT Programmes

Downloaded Websites, Pdf docs and Slides

We have downloaded a host of Websites which cover many of the topics in the textbook. The Internet has an endless number of pages on just about any subject. We have tried to give some of these to you from which you may learn even more on the topics discussed in the texbook and you may find useful information for working out your assignments.