Calvary Life Tutors offers a a range of short courses which are learning program builders that lead to qualifications offered by any accredited organization such as Calvary University. These short courses are carefully balanced academic units which are maximised for knowledge which is seemlessly integratable in the Church and wider Ministry environments. It represents years of improvement from our former accredited era, evaluated by by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) in February 2000 — from Certificate up to Doctoral level.

Since our withdrawal from the process of accreditation we offer mentoring for Prior Learning, which by Law must lead up to a qualification or part thereof. This means that a church member who wishes to acquire experience through quality learning can use this opportunity to aquire RPL credits for a Certificate and Diploma (level 6) which leads to a First Degree (Bachelor Degree) (level 7) at an accredited University or College.

Students may register at the institution of their choosing. CLT does not represent any Higher Educational Institution, and advises that students make their own choice after evaluating the various institutions with respect to Quality, Faculty, Service, Practical, Life-giving, and Cost.

In offering mentoring, Calvary Life Tutors has also been evaluated by Christian Quality Assurance (CQA) whose Quality Management System and international Standards for Accreditation are applied by CLT in order to assure acceptance for its mentoring practices. For this reason Calvary University (CU) recognize CLT's short-courses for a Certificate in Ministry, a Diploma in Ministry, and a Bachelor of Ministry degree — throught the process or RPL (Recognition or Prior Learning). CLT is able to mentor these transfer values earned by the student in each Phase. About 540 Churches have given full recognition to these short courses.

It is generally accepted by the public and alumni that the CLT course material we use in mentoring is of good quality, broader in scope than usual and of sufficient depth to form the text book basis for quality training in Ministry. Accreditation would only add to this unanimous voice from an official point. Since our withdrawal from (local) accreditation for higher education, CLT has gained in student numbers, have greatly improved the learning material, and has in fact still gained acceptance as fasillitators of prior learning.

A student studying with CLT will have the following options for short courses which are attendance certificates towards a:

Life long learning is important. Students may furthermore register with a higher educational institute such as Calvary University (CU) to have the following qualifications issued — after they apply RPL to the CLT short courses:

It is the policy of Calvary Life Tutors to continuously negotiate with several Higher Educational Institutions to have agreements in place for the benefit of the students in order to facilitate their further studies at the College or University of their choice.
Facilitation permission for the above programmes is already in place.

Note: CLT does not act on behalf of any Higher Educational Institute and facilitates training as a mutual agreement between CLT and the student, directing the student to offer prior learning records at an HE institution of choice for qualification recognition.