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Address from the President

United for Benefits

Calvary Life Tutors brings the Christian community a virtual platform for advanced e-Learning technology for several disciplines. A diverse group of educational faculties who each specialize in their own field, are able to work together for the benefit of students internationally. These benefits are:

Relevant Qualifications

The Calvary family offer programmes that provide answers to the needs of students. Students are in new environments with specific challenges not common in the past. Suitable academic knowledge must be applied. Therefore our programmes have appropriate objectives which state that the recipient of the qualification has acquired these indicated abilities, skills and levels of competency. These are the qualifications that are in high demand in the modern workplace.

Dedicated Academics

Calvary is able to deliver these excellent qualifications through Learning Centres or Calvary Groups and an academic tutor, to an effective and satisfactory conclusion. All organizations and tutors are to be accredited to comply to acceptable standards of e-Learning education for the level and subjects handled. Calvary makes use of academics who are qualified to act as tutors and who are located close to each student. Allocations to a tutor are combined with the student application for enrolment at a Community College.

Technologically Advanced Presentation

Programme selection on an interactive database driven Website is under development. This e-learning format makes use of cutting edge technology and shows the learner-centred flexibility of our academic learning paths. Programmes are developed for personal e-learning delivery within a mentoring environment. This method integrates excellent textbooks with learning material on a website such as a study guide, study notes and outlines, power point slides, supporting Websites with on-line libraries and dictionaries. This e-learning format development has taken years to complete and is under on-going development.

Affordable Fees

We have set our study fees at such a level that they are within reach of every student. Since a range of established and tested programme material was developed over many years, students can now enjoy the benefit of these substantially lower fees. Calvary also contributes towards intellectual development in third world countries through cooperating agreements in various countries. Through these projects, we reach many thousands of students which further enable us to maintain lower costs towards education for all, in many countries internationally.

Accredited Standing Internationally


Our short courses are "Recognised" for its content as having sufficient Prior Learning by Calvary University. As a private institute of learning, Calvary University has international accreditation since the institution meets the Standards for Accreditation of Christian Quality Assurance (CQA) and complies with its policies. Although Calvary does not have to submit to governmental accreditation, the Standards for Accreditation establish minimum criteria for institutional quality. Calvary operates on CQA’s Quality Management System. Christian Quality Assurance has as its primary purpose the international accreditation of Christian higher educational institutions.

Quality Assurance

Calvary students are assured that we offer the best educational short-course programmes. They are designed to impart those skills and such academic knowledge which will significantly improve their lives. As an institute on both college and university level, we manage quality by regular review of our programmes. We also have a regular quality interview with our faculty and administrative staff. We get feed-back from students for improvement of the information provision and delivery of each programme.

Local Availability

Calvary students do not need to go to a remote campus. Our presence is virtual, that means it is virtually everywhere – it is right where you, the student, are. We have solved   the problems of distance education in an innovative way through our advanced and unique e-learning format:

This model is in line with modern educational thinking. It makes use of the latest available technology to make up what remote locations lack in terms of class presence or live lectures by highly qualified lecturers. We believe that the use of generally available technology combined with local tutor contact provides a state of the art solution to higher education for all. This can be employed everywhere.

A Preferred Training

We believe in the principle of mentoring, which is the way in which our Lord Jesus trained his disciples. Education cannot be mere academic training, it must also be character formation. At Calvary we adhere to Christian standards and values, to provide an environment which the student chooses to accept. Others are also welcome, as long as they are fully aware that, in our effort to maintain excellence, we will not compromise on the centrality of the cross of Calvary.

   President - Calvary University

See Ephesians 4:11