Calvary Departments

Calvary Life Tutors is organised in departments to handle the various programmes of the faculties of the e-learning university.

Christian Ministry and Church Management

CLT fasillitates mentoring for Certificate in Christian Discipleship, Diploma in Leadership, Advanced Diploma in Ministry, Higher Diploma in Shepherding, Bachelor of Ministry, a B.Min (Honours), Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry. A more theological emphasis is offered in the Bachelor in Divinity.
Furthermore, we provide lecture material to missionaries whereby they offer a Pastoral Diploma for 6,800 rural pastors in Africa through mentoring in a "hub system".

Christian and Biblical Counselling

Counselling courses are mentored with a balanced combination of Biblical counselling, academic courses and ministry training.

Management & Leadership

Management/Leadership courses for industry leadership or adminstrators of the modern church or CEO of a Bible School/Tuition Centre.

Education — Christian Teacher Training

Our teaching will equip classroom educators with the knowledge, skills and applied competencies for employability and further specialisation study, in support of the principles of life-long learning. These short-courses provide a fundamental and comprehensive education underpinned by subject knowledge in the specialist teaching subjects. The programme has a focus on educational theory and methodology aligned with the requirements for a professionally qualified beginner teacher. These courses are used as building components for which a qualification can be obtained through RPL.

Accreditation as Higher Educational Institute — 2000 to 2004

CLT applied for South African accreditation which was granted in February 2000 as SAQA and CHE was unfolding a new era for Higher Education. CLT worked on this standard for accreditation until 2004. In August 2003 it adopted the Christian International Standards for Accreditation of CQA and enjoys full international recognition for its quality of tutoring. It however does not use this privilege to issue degrees, but it tutors students who offer their prior learning at a registered and accredited University or other Higher Educational Institution. We expect Calvary University to achieve SA accreditation in 2017.