Philosophy of Learning

Training at Calvary University is based on the Objective Directed Learning (ODL) system. The aim of ODL is academic learning combined with skills training. A skill is defined as: the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, and aptitude to perform a work-related task.

A skill is therefore not mere understanding. The learner must go beyond understanding to the practical application of knowledge in order to achieve a job-related task. In the context of business management, health care, communication, or ministry, this boils down to things such as:

A set of knowledge-based skills required for a specific career is known as a competency and a qualification is the certification of such a competency. This requires continuous assessment in the form of self-evaluations, group evaluations, completion of assignments, demonstration in the use of technical apparatus, oral and written examinations, etc.

The advantages of Objective Directed Learning are the following: