Alone with God

Make an Appointment

If you want to be successful in your life in anything you do, apply time-management. Arrange your life to include a time in which your spirit can get fed — in fellowship with God. You need time to reflect on His principles and His promises. At first you should put aside a short time to begin with which will become longer and will be used more frequently as you see how you benefit.

Focus on the Bible

God speaks through His Word. All that the Angels, the prophets and the Lord Jesus have said througout the ages and all the deeper insight the gospel writers and the letter writers have had, they wrote their thoughts down as the Holy Spirit prompted them. We can read the messages to God’s people still today. God’s Word is described as being living and powerful which can reveal our innermost thoughts. It is true for all times and communicates to us God’s thoughts, warnings and promises.
Note: see the list of Bible chapters here.

Have a Long Term Plan

Whenever you go on a journey you plot out an exact route along which you will travel. Study the Bible in order to get to know what God wants to say to you. Do not only read from one book of the Bible, but set out a plan to read and study all the important chapters of the Bible. At the end of this article we will give you a list of 84 important chapters. Read one of them this week and underline important verses that stand out for you.

Speak to God and Listen

When you read your Bible God speaks to you. When you pray you speak to God. According to John 14:14 we may ask of God anything we need in prayer. The condition is that we ask in the name of Jesus. We then have the promise from the Lord that He will answer our prayer. When you pray, act in different ways: Without asking, worship God. Next, pray confession by going over the previous day. Then start with thanksgiving. Think about His love, mercies and the wonderful life you have by His grace. Lastly you can ask for favours by praying in Supplication. Remember the four acts of the soul to God:

Write down the things and the people you pray for and be ready to write down the answer you receive later, right next to your recording of the original request.

Apply God’s Principles in your Life

As you study and allow God’s Spirit to speak to you, you will become aware of many of God’s principles which have an application in everyday life. You will often learn about something new, only to be able to apply it the very same day. This is God helping you to understand His heart more deeply by an opportunity for practical application. Listen to the promptings of God’s Holy Spirit to do new things according to the truths you learn from the Word and from hearing His voice.

As you get alone with God you will get closer to Him
– until you can experience His heartbeat.