Christian Life Balance Sheet

You are a Christian and consider yourself a good person. You want to know more and experience a deeper life in your spiritual walk with God. Don’t we all feel like that? Read the following 7 points and draw up a balance sheet of where you are in your Christian life.

1. Understanding Salvation

A Christian has acknowledged to God that he or she is a sinner at heart, not only because of any specific sins but because we always turn to sin in some way or another. We are inherently bad and tend to follow the desires of the old nature. To restore this broken relationship, God has provided the way of salvation. Asking God to save must come with an honest acknowledgement of our weaknesses and a sincere plea for forgiveness. With that goes our total acceptance of who Jesus is and what He has done for us on the cross. He has forgiven those who accept Him in faith as Son of God, Saviour of sinners and true everlasting Lord and Friend. To such believers God gives freely: forgiveness, peace and joy of freedom as well as the righteousness of Christ which we do not deserve.

2. The Holy Spirit of God

The experience of salvation is as a result of the working of the Holy Spirit in our life. We respond in faith, answering with repentance of our sin and acceptance of His free gift of salvation. Our first willing response to the prompting of the Holy Spirit leads us to experience a beginning of new life in the Spirit. We are born from above as to our spirit being, restoring the image of God. In the spirit dimension we are able to believe or have faith¯, resulting in a changed character with a new way of life of patience, longsuffering, mercy and being capable of making peace. As saved people we are able to see the power of God’s reign in action in our life. This is called a life in the Spirit or being in Christ¯.
The Lord Jesus when He departed said that He would send another comforter like Himself, the Holy Spirit, to strengthen, advise, teach and protect us. We were told to talk about Him in order to spread the good news of His love for us. We explain how He died for us in order to gain God’s forgiveness for our sin. To help us in our witnessing to tell everyone about God’s grace, the Lord is still working with us to confirm what we say about Him through miracles that follow the preached Word. We then see the power of the Holy Spirit at work through the miracles and healing.

3. Having a Prayer Life

God intended for us to talk to Him on a daily basis. With Adam and Eve He had an appointment in the cool of the afternoon in the beautiful Garden of Eden. For the Lord Jesus prayer was so important that He did nothing unless He saw what the Father intended Him to do. We can also have a prayer life like that. Prayer is communication with God. It is about getting two minds together. God hears what you are thinking and in turn you hear what God has in mind for you, within your circumstances and for your future.
When we pray we do not have to have a lot of words or use a very learned kind of vocabulary. If you think of who God is – your heavenly Father – you can speak to Him just like you would speak to your earthly father. Of course, you must remember that you should have an endless amount of respect for God. Think of who He is when you speak to Him. Let Him know that you know and respect Him for who He is and that you want His rule in your life to be established more than anything. Let Him know that you want to obey His will and that you want His plan for your life to be fulfilled. Ask of Him what you really and absolutely need. He knows this already but wants to hear that you receive it from His hand, should you get it. This is a good time to sort out your needs from your greeds. What you need most of all is the daily forgiveness you have received from God. Ask Him to help you to forgive others in the same way. He is in control of the Kingdom and all its glory that you experience every day as His child.

4. Reading your Bible

God’s Word is the best and most popular book to read in the whole world. It can nourish us. This is because it provides food in the realm of our spirit. God is Spirit and the deep things of God can only be understood by reading the books that were inspired by His Holy Spirit. Yes, the Bible consists of 66 books or 1189 chapters, but it still forms one Book, speaking to us out of one voice. In it we find the history of mankind and how God made a wonderful plan to rescue fallen man from a certain and everlasting punishment by a holy God. God has revealed the cause and the plan of restoration in His marvellous book, the Bible. You can read it to get to know God better and see for yourself all the promises He has for you, for now and for the future. Read it to be able to teach other people also. Many people have a deep seated hunger for the type of food it provides. See our list of 84 chapters for a start.

5. Living in Obedience

Having been saved Jesus became our Lord and Saviour. Salvation is instantaneous – Lordship is forever. Our relationship with Jesus is one where he calls us His friends and we willingly call Him Master of our life. We are not obliged to do good works in order to be saved. We obey His commands because we love Him by doing the good works that were prepared for us to do (Eph 2:10). In His wisdom He directs us in the best ways because He loves us. Just like a good earthly parent, He knows what is best for us. In these ways we should live. Our spiritual hearing should be tuned in to His directing, warning, and loving voice – obey Him!

6. Witnessing to Others

You are my witnesses¯, Jesus once said (Luke 24:48; Acts1:8). He has no others. It is not only something you have to go and do for Him, it is a description of who you are. The Lord did not envisage some of His followers to decide to gather up their belongings, wave the others goodbye to become witnesses for Him. It is not something you decide about doing someday (or not). You are now His witness – everyday, wherever you are, and whatever you do. It is therefore a lifestyle, not just something you do. It is not a task that you can start and finish. Be Jesus to others. Do what Jesus would have done in any given situation. Get to know Jesus through the Word in order to understand His principles and values. Then you will be able to be His witness.

7. Stewardship of All you Have

Being made a friend of Jesus and a son of the Father you have been given a great inheritance. You owe everything you have received to the merciful act of forgiveness and His giving you all through His grace. Grace is also known as unmerited (undeserved) favour.
You owe God your life yet there is no debt that has to be fulfilled or paid back. You can earn nothing by means of anything you do. Your works may be as wonderful as you can produce, yet they are like filthy rags compared to what Jesus did for you on the cross. For this great inheritance, we encourage each other to live a truly thankful life. We can show our gratefulness through acts of kindness to others. The Word encourages us to share our wealth with the poor and needy. We do this collectively through the church when we bring a tenth of our increase to God in the offering. This is one way of giving which has a promise of great blessing in return. (Malachi 3:10) Give and it will be given to you. Allow God to bless you when you give in the same way He has given His Son to you – without holding back and without expecting anything back in return. Yes, become like Jesus in how you handle the things you own.