The Purpose of the Course


The ministry course of Calvary Life Tutors is designed to take a person from being a convert to becoming an effective Christian worker, excellent leader or even someone who can be trained as pastor of a church.

We believe that it is in the formal environment of the Bible School situation and practical Church environment that a student will become a true disciple of Jesus Christ.


The best training is through natural experience during life-long learning. CLT therefore makes use of the natural environment of the local Church. This environment has its normal phases of training its leaders, which are also followed during the programmes. The purpose of the Calvary Life Tutors material content (over three years) can be summed up as:

The principles learnt will especially help students to develop with a well–balanced knowledge and experience of the ministry Jesus gave to the Church which is also called the five-fold ministry: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher.

These students, operating in their calling or ministries will be able to support their pastor as an "overseer, elder, deacon, helps ministry or administrator".

They will be enriched spiritually, mentally, emotionally and socially. They will become those who ˜edify’ the Body of Christ, a solid pillar in the Church of God and a support to any leader that God has appointed.

The Management course of Calvary Life Tutors is aimed at the needs of church members to be qualified for lower and middle management posts in industry and government.

CLT offers a unique course which is very competitive in quality and affordability whilst it brings the student up to the required standard by means of a curriculum which is written from a Biblical perspective. The student must be able to see and understand the God–design of all the principles of for instance authority, leadership, responsibility and strategy.


A gifted Church — Equipping Members to Minister

CLT provides the local church with the means and know–how of offering a complete training program which is internationally accredited.

Why does the church need this training?
Because it has a task and a strategy.

The task:

The Lord Jesus Christ, just before he ascended to heaven, commanded the disciples (and through them gave us the same commission) to go to all the people and make disciples by a conversion experience (baptism) and a continuous teaching program (to obey all the Lord Jesus' commands). (Matt 28:19)

The strategy:

We know that it is the Lord Jesus Christ that builds His Church. (Matt 16:18) He therefore gave not only His life but also gave the 5–fold ministry to the church for a specific purpose: To train believers (to equip them) to do the work in the church in order to grow and be strengthened. (Eph 4:11–16)

These workers can also be grouped in seven categories. (Rom 12:6–8) We are told not to do anything unless we are equipped (Acts 1:4–8) but then to preach the gospel confirmed by supernatural gifts which are described and listed as the gifts of the spirit (1 Cor 12:8–10).

A local Church who uses this strategy to fulfil the task (the great commission) will be teaching their members in order to equip them. Most pastors would prefer to teach from prepared material and many members would gladly grasp the opportunity to get a qualification that has value (and which is internationally accredited).

Legislation has now also opened a wonderful door with its accent on practical outcomes, well balanced with academic input. CLT makes use of this open door and the need of the church to provide a valuable, practical, and affordable course to the church.