Distance Learning

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1.  How a CLT e-Course Works

Distance Learning has been offered for many decades by Universities, Seminaries and private educational institutes. As as pure correspondence training it has always been very unsuccessful, not only because it is un-Biblical but also that it is unpractical and near impossible to transfer Christian moral values in an unpersonal way. CLT has now, with the excellent development of the Calvary Academics material, developed a Mentor system that is Biblical and acceptable.

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The following Web-pages will explain the CLT Mentoring System:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Method of e-Course Learning
  3. Credits and Qualifications
  4. Web Downloads

2.  Which Programmes are Available?

A programme consists of courses and modules which lead to a Qualification. CLT is starting its Mentoring system with three Programmes. Each programme is designed for a specific purpose. Most of our effort is put into the Ministry programme. The other two are available because many of the components overlap.
They Are:

3.  How to Enroll for a Course

The CLT Mentor System works well because it includes using a Tutor and having access to resources on a Web-site or DVD. Therefore do the following:

Register as a Mentored Student

To obtain the registration pack, just send us an email. Use this link:

An Effective Mentor System – Register today!

An experienced and trusted advisor. An experienced person in an organisation who trains and counsels new employees or students.
– Oxford Dictionary.