Mentoring Fees

Fees for CLT students, compared to other countries and local universities

Fees Rationale

Calvary Life Tutors (CLT) has structured the costs of its academic programmes to keep them at an affordable level for all students. Student fees quoted are a guideline and special courses may deviate from this. According to our policy of disclosure, a clear indication of fees will be given with the description of a course or programme in a prospectus.

Comparison of Fees Internationally

From an article published on we have derived the following fees in Rands (at R14 per US $), the 2016 rate.

Country Per 120 credits Calvary's as
compared to
United States 348,796 1.6%
Australia 337,134 1.65%
United Kingdom 299,110 1.85%
Canada 234,444 2.4%
China 53,816 10.3%
South Africa 34,700 16%
Calvary 5,550 a percentage of

Calvary Life Tutors offer material in phases which have an 80 transfer value for the purpose of RPL by accredited institutions. The study fees (which include textbooks) are R3700. For the purpose of comparison to a 120 credit public university programme we have increased these fees to R5,500. The savings studying at Calvary is therefore 85 to 90% in South Africa.

Universities in South Africa have published the following fees for 2017:

University in South Africa Per 120 credits
Rhodes University R 40 700
Stellenbosch University R 32 146
University of Cape Town R 50 000
University of Johannesburg R 29 170
University of Pretoria R 30 160
Wits University R 42 010

CLT offers short courses. We offer the training material and provide know-how to Bible Schools which act as Community Colleges, facillitating learning to students in their own communities. We never offer qualifications. Our short courses are not SAQA accredited. They do however provide Prior Learning to the student. Each short course has a transfer value of 80. Educational institutions have the right by law to take prior learning into consideration and turn it into part or whole qualifications. An accredited higher educational institution may Recognise 5 of our short courses to be equivalent to their Bachelor of Ministry qualification which was accredited by CHE, SAQA and DOE. This what is called
the RPL process (Recognition of Prior Learning).

Here is a table of how RPL may be applied to our short courses:

PRL Qualification CLT Phase Transfer
  No RPL, Two-thirds only Phase 1 80 80 R3,600
Certificate in Ministry Phase 2 80 160 R3,600
Diploma in Ministry Phase 3 80 240 R3,600
  No RPL, Two-thirds only Phase 4 80 320 R3,920
Bachelor of Ministry Phase 5 80 400 R3,920
Bachelor Honours of Min. Phase 6 80 480 R4,160

Accredited qualification have credits. In South Africa they are called Notional Credits — such as 120, 240, 360, 480. CLT's transfer values are an indication as to how accredited institutions may calculate their RPL process in issuing a qualification or allowing a student into a programme (give standing).

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