Method of e-Course Learning

Four Study Steps

Follow these four steps carefully to complete each module.

1. Check Materials

Examine the contents of the material you have received. The new methods of communication made possible by a revolution in Information Technology have enabled us to put everything we want to say, on CD. It is, however three times easier to read something in printed form. This is why we have some documents in both media for your convenience.

This set of material should contain the following items:

Character building

Use the following five documents contained in your Study Guide to build character:

Read through all the components of this Study Guide. Then auto-run the e-Learning CD containing the resources in electronic format – It contains a wealth of material!

2. Plan your Studies

As you study you will enrich your life and improve your career opportunities. The person with the most skills gets the best job. You will have success if you plan and are determined to finish your studies. Here are a few tips:

3. Read to Understand

There are a few basic steps considered to be fundamental to the learning process:

By working through the material, you will get the main idea and be able to predict questions

4. Report and Apply

When you get to the end of the module (having completed all sections) you now need to:

A transcript states which modules you have completed and its credit value. This is possible once you are registered on-line. Your qualification Certificate may be issued by Calvary University if you have registered at CU for at least a degree or you will get the certificate issued by Calvary Academics.