Student Registration

CLT has devised a simple yet solid process of student registration. Data fields are easily updated on the web-based registration forms of the CAP: Calvary Academic Platform. This data is then constantly available until it is changed by the student or Centre.

The RPL and CV Packs are only for students who have completed other programmes and have significant experience in a relevant field. A Field correction is made through Bridging Courses where a student did not complete an Advanced Diploma in Ministry with CLT.

CLT applies Recognition of Prior Learning

The Student Agreement and Student Profile forms are for the benefit of the relationship between the student and the local Tutor or Mentor.

CLT does not register any student for another Institution. The student has to complete the forms and submit payment wherever required. CLT then accepts a student for mentoring for a set fee for University courses or guidance with B.Min Assignments.

All students registered at Bible Schools have to register on the CLT Website. They will then also have access to the learning facility which CLT will install during 2012 for the next decade in on-going nature. Lectures will be loaded as pdf's in full colour, audio mp3's, PowerPoint presentations, and a learning guide for every lecture book developed by the CLT community.