Calvary Resources

Here are invaluable Ministry Training sites in order to follow the Calvary Life Tutors e-Learning method. The Bible Schools who make use of our materials are also listed here. For mentoring the third year of the Calvary B.Min. we make use of recommended text books. The student should also use any available text book around the same topics. The Tutor may also be able to make a recommendation for suitable good books.

Our Suggested Library list will be of special use for Tuition Centres who want to start a small library. The CLT Library list shows in which categories we classify our books in the shelves at the Mentor Centre in Pretoria. These books cannot be taken out on loan but are there for the CU postgraduate students who do research. Through this list, anyone can choose books for purchase through the bookstores or online buying channels.

70 Learning Pages

One of the student's greatest assets are the Web-pages that are linked here to the last (brown) button. This will take you to a "Menu" of all sorts of help in academic learning. Always select the Menu button from any of the linked pages to get back to this huge learning starting point. You will notice that there are two ways of paging through the site to see what is available or you can navigate to all the pages from the Menu page.

Links refer to Institutions we know or are affiliated to. The Websites we refer you to from the Menu are mostly sites of organisations we do not know personally but where you may find usefull information.

The owning of books is a student's heartbeat

We will publish a list of good books which are usually available at good Christian bookstores. We have also supplied links for files which you may download.