Other Useful Websites

Many students at Calvary Life Tutors want to do research for their assignments.
Other fine Christian organizations have made masses of useful information available on
the Internet in hundreds of sites. Please make good use of these links. One teaches you
to read poems.

Except for the first four, we link you to web-sites of organizations we do not necessarily know. The information on these sites have not been scrutinized. Please send us useful links such as these.

The Internet: the world’s library is yours!

The third address (The Four Eleven Foundation) is of our previous oversight, the late Dr. David Griffiths. The site provides study outlines for many books of the Bible as well as notes on Biblical topics.

We at CLT value your support in commenting on any one of these sites and will remove a link if deemed neccessary. Sites may also be rotated with others as they may come to our attention.

Please send us a site you regard as valuable.

Note: To do this, just copy the address in the browser (url) and paste in an email message: My suggested link.