Post-graduate Support

The Masters candidate is trained in the art of Dissertation (specialist document) writing. Choosing the topic or thesis statement is central to a good beginning of the research.

The candidate must grasp the difference between the thesis and its resulting research question(s).

The proposal is drawn up in order to get permission to do a specific investigation into new areas of a specialist field. The candidate receives ample support in this area.

When the actual dissertation writing starts, the method of research is fixed and well under way. A standard of citation must be decided upon. Criteria of the eventual evaluation are provided.

The modern e-learning era is upon us!

One of the first courses to be launched on the Calvary Academics
e-learning facility will be for the post-graduate candidates (not called students). Our monthly Mentoring meetings are unique and will now be even better with the backing of the e-learning system called CAP = Calvary Academic Platform