Learning & Support Resources

The elements the student may expect to play a role in learning

Excellent student support and the best learning material available are two of the most important pillars upon whic our services are built. The following are the most important of learning and support resources available to our students:

These categories are discussed below.

Course Professor

Every course has a course professor who is a specialist in the particular field. The professor is responsible for the following:

Course Study Guide

The Course Study Guide serves as a navigation instrument, steering you through a particular course. The following topics are normally included in the Course Study Guide:

Course Website

The Course Website is a content-rich education website created by professors, providing academic support for faculty and students. The following are some services that are available on a course Website:

Companion Website

Companion websites have become the new way of facilitating on-line education. They provide the necessary interaction between the student and the textbook. Companion websites add a host of activities, information and self-test opportunities to the excellent texts and provide an ideal environment for quality Objective Directed Learning. The following elements may be available as features on Companion Websites:


Only the latest edition textbooks are prescribed. All textbooks are written by world-renowned authors and are packed with pedagogical features, state-of-the-art design and cutting edge style. These easy-to-use books are focused on learning outcomes and are deliberately selected to reinforce learning and increase comprehension.

The following pedagogical features (in-text learning aids) are prevalent in most textbooks:

Academic Tutor

A registered academic tutor, who has certain qualifications, is appointed to assist you in the learning process. His/her tasks are mainly the following:

Course CD

Course material accompanies all courses as part of the learning material supplied (with no additional costs). Although the content of the Course CDs vary substantially with each course, some of the features listed below are generally included.

For the Student
For the Tutor
General Information

Academic Guide

The faculty's comprehensive Academic Guide is the constant companion and guide for students and academic staff alike. It provides extensive background information and covers a wide variety of topics on Objective Directed Learning, the curriculum, the syllabus, and learning in general.

Local Support Group

Students are strongly encouraged to form local support groups (a study group). These are invaluable for discussion and mutual support. Establishing a support group counters the lack of face-to-face contact and support from academic tutors and peers in distance learning (e-learning). Support groups can involve many types of activities of which the following are some examples:

Learning Management

The following aspects of learning management are included in the course materials. These provide skills and knowledge to develop the learning, personal, social and career-related skills:

Administrative Staff

Academic and administrative staff maintains an open door policy and are proficient in giving advice and general support to students or potential students concerning:

Continuous Assessment Process

The assessment process conducted by CU provides valuable support to students during their engagement with a programme or course by embracing the concept of continuous assessment.

Continuous assessment is an ongoing process that tracks and measures a student's achievements during the programme. Regular assessments of performance provide information that is used to support a student's development. It also enables improvements to be made in the learning process. Continuous assessment provides the ideal relationship between formative and summative assessment and embraces both types of assessment.

Summative assessment is conducted after the student has completed sections of a learning programme or course. It is, therefore, not confined to a single written examination because you are continuously assessed and are not required to write yearly or half-yearly examinations. You are credited for each assessment and these credits accumulate until conditions have been met for the awarding of a qualification.

Formative assessment refers to assessment that takes place during the process of learning and is used to support the student developmentally. It gives the student feedback during the learning process.

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